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You've got samples to analyse


And, on top, this is urgently needed...

You do not have the instrument...


We have it !

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Subcontracting is sometimes embarassing

Lab manager in trouble

you need A SOLUTION !

E-Lab: is so easy!


E-Lab is your solution! competent, reliable, affordable and fast

1- on-line sample form

on-line sample form

A comment box allows you to specify special instructions

2- select options

select options

95% of or users opt for UPS is the UPS sticker IS FREE !

3- offer and UPS sticker

UPS label

Your task is OVER !
Let us take care of everything else, you can move on to some other task without any stress...

They are gone!


E-lab is cat pyjamas for the busy manager

You and designated co-workers are notified of package departure and arrival.

On-line follow up


Freedom and control !

Save time now: you can ship right away and handle internal paperwork and PO later !

Results come in so quickly


Your samples are immediatly taken care of and you get your results in a blink of an eye

Your loyalty rewarded


Many premium free services for our returning customers!